Environmental Advisory Board


*All terms expire December 7, 2026

Agricultural community

Dennis Kirkwood

Homebuilders' Association

Michael D. Charlton

Major county institutions

Jaclyn E. Koehn (Chairperson)

Technical professions

Paul R. Gartelmann

Conservation, environmental groups

Sally B. LaBarre

Consulting engineer

Daniel Spiker

  • Roland J. Beckman
  • Sarah Coleman
  • Veronica Cassilly
  • Lynn Faulkner
  • Jacquelyn Seneschal

Ex-officio member

  • Adam Lanphear
  • Matt Kropp
  • Terry Hanley
  • Joseph Siemek

About the board

The purpose of this board is to advise the county executive and county council on environmental issues of concern to citizens of Harford County. It was created by Harford County Code, Article IV, Section 9-12. The board will encourage the preservation and protection of the natural environment of the county. They will work with federal, state, or local agencies, boards and commissions or private organizations in furthering the goal of preserving and protecting the environment of the county.

Members of the board are appointed by the county executive and confirmed by the county council. Terms of appointments are coterminous with the county executive.


The board consists of 11 members, all of whom are residents of the county. Members of the board are selected generally to be representative of organizations concerned with environmental issues. Members shall be drawn from the following: existing conservation and environmental groups, the agricultural community, the homebuilders' associations, consulting engineers, technical professions, major county institutions and citizens-at-large.

The director of Planning, the director of Parks and Recreation, the director of Public Works, and the local health officer or their designees are non-voting members of the board. For more information, please call Matt Kropp at 410-638-3103.