Mental Health & Addictions Advisory Council

Harford County Parks & Recreation

  • Chad E. McGraw 
    Term expires: June 2019

Harford County Public Schools

  • Stephen C. Lentowski 
    Term expires: June 2016

Individual who has received or is receiving care

  • William S. Patten 
    Term expires: June 2018

Interest in problems of substance abuse

  • Pastor Craig A. McLaughlin 
    Term expires: June 2018
  • Larry Signorelli 
    Term expires: June 2018

Juvenile Justice Services Agency

  • Paul Bowden 
    Term expires: June 2016

Community members with interest
in mental health 

  • Sharon Lipford
    Term expires: June 2018
  • Stacy D. Fair                                         Term expires: June 2018
  • Susan C. Lichtfuss                                Term expires: June 2018

Member of the County Council

  • Curtis R. Beulah 
    Term expires: December 2017

Mental health professional (not a physician)

  • Erric L. Hetzer 
    Term expires: June 2018

Parole & Probation

  • George Nikas 
    Term expires: June 2018

Practicing physician

  • Roy Phillips, M.D.
    Term expires: June 2018

County executive representative

  • Linda A. Williams 
    Term expires: June 2016

Harford County Public Schools representative

  • Mary K. Malone                                    Term expires: June 2019

Law enforcement representative

  • Capt. Carl N. Brooks                         Term expires: June 2018


This commission consists of nine ex-officio members from local government health care agencies and 25 members as regulated by the code. All members are appointed by the county executive and confirmed by the county council.

Created by

  • Harford County Code, Article VI, Section 927

In a brief

  • Maintain a comprehensive approach to the prevention and treatment of mental illness and addictions.


Members will serve three-year terms. From among its members, the council will annually elect a chair and other officers it finds necessary.


A summary of their duties include:
  • Advise the county health officer, county executive, county council, and the Secretary of Health and Mental Hygiene on the progress of the county mental health program and on any action needed to improve program.
  • Be a county advocate for a comprehensive approach to the prevention and treatment of mental illness and addictions.
  • Determine the needs of the mental health and addictions programs in the county.
  • Periodically review the availability and quality of mental health and addictions facilities and services in the county.
  • Provide representatives for site visit teams that evaluate mental health and addictions facilities and programs in the county.