Technical Rescue Team (TRT)

Adopted by DES in 2014, the Technical Rescue Team (TRT) has been in operation since 2005 under the direction of the Volunteer Fire and EMS Association. The team consists of 46 highly multi-trained volunteer members, five part-time DES crew chiefs, one full-time manager and countless volunteer fire and EMS members trained as TRT task force members that help us complete our mission to assist and coordinate life-saving efforts in the search, extrication, and the safeguarding of trapped victims during natural, man-made accidents and or disasters. Members of the team will strive to follow the most current rescue methodology and practices in providing the safest, most expedient, and cost-effective technical rescue operations available. The Harford County Technical Rescue Team personnel will generously offer support, assistance and cooperation to all surrounding agencies in accomplishing our mission with the most professional and courteous manner possible.

Examples of recent responses

TRT members went to Cecil County to help with a subject trapped in a silo auger. This complex rescue took four hours to safely remove the subject’s leg from the machine.


TRT swiftwater rescue members rescued a dozen or so people stuck in high flood water during a rain event that cause flooding in the Bel Air area.