The Right to Know

Citizens who want to find out what chemical risks are present in their community may call the SARA Title III Coordinator at 410-638-4900 or email your request in the form provided below. An appointment will be scheduled to review copies of the requested Tier II Reports. These reports are held by the LEPC for public information.

Report Not Required

If a facility is not required to report, the citizen may request that the LEPC obtain a special Tier II report from that facility. That request must be in writing and will be reviewed by the LEPC. The citizen may be required to appear before the LEPC to detail the request.

Material Safety Data Sheets

There are times when an individual wants to obtain a Material Safety Data Sheet to learn more about a chemical. They have the right to request a MSDS from the LEPC. The LEPC has MSDSs of reportable chemicals from facilities. For those chemicals which are not reportable, the LEPC will request the MSDS from the facility.

To request a Tier II Report or Material Safety Data Sheet contact:

Harford County Department of Emergency Services
Attention: SARA Title III Coordinator
2220 Ady Road
Forest Hill, MD 21050
Phone: 410-638-4900

All meetings of the Harford County Local Emergency Planning Committee are open to the public. The meetings are held at the Harford County Department of Emergency Services, 2220 Ady Road, Forest Hill, MD 21050. Meetings are on the third Wednesday of each month at 3 p.m. (except in August when no meeting is scheduled).