EPA Tier II Instructions

Provided is a downloadable copy of the Tier II form (PDF) and instructions (PDF). Please read the instructions carefully and avoid the following common mistakes. Free compliance assistance is available from the LEPC. Call the SARA Title III Supervisor at 410-638-4900 or email your request.

Always Report for Prior Year
The reporting year is always the year prior to the current year. Reports due by March 1, 1999 are for inventory during 1998. Example: Reporting period, January 1 through December 31, 1998.
Tier II Chemical Reporting Forms

Don't Over Report
Report only those inventory items that were held at anyone time over the required reporting amount (10,000 pounds Non-EHS, or 500 pounds or the required Threshold Planning Quantity of a EHS). If you are not sure, contact the LEPC at 410-638-4900. Use the proper codes and double check the coded amounts. You are reporting in pounds so all correspondence must match.

Original Signature Required
All reports to all agencies must have an original signature of the facility representative. No stamps or copies. All signatures should be in blue ink to assist in the determination that the signature is original.

No Post Office Listing
The facility address cannot be a post office box. You must provide a real street address for the location. In the owner/operator identification, the mailing address may be a post office box.

Compliance Points
Mail the reports to the proper agencies by Certified Return Receipt. Reports should be mailed to three compliance points:

  • 1st Tier II Form:
    Maryland Department of the Environment
    Attention: Community Right-To-Know, Section 312
    2500 Broening Highway
    Baltimore, MD 21224
  • 2nd Tier II Form:
    Harford County Local Emergency Planning Committee
    2220 Ady Road
    Forest Hill, MD 21050
  • 3rd Tier II Form: The fire department that has initial response to your facility. Call your LEPC for proper information.

If you are not sure your form is correct, you can fax a copy to the LEPC for review prior to mailing at 410-879-5091. Please state your request for review and include your return voice and fax numbers.