Health & Nutrition Video Series

Nutrition Series video - Farm Fresh Fruits and Veggies video play link

Farm Fresh Fruits & Veggies 
Join Diana Romano, RD, as she shares the benefits of adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. As a bonus, learn two easy and delicious salsa recipes!

Nutrition Series video - Preventing and Managing Diabetes through diet video play link

Preventing or Managing Diabetes through Diet 
Join Diana Romano, RD, as she shares tips for preventing and managing Type II diabetes through diet.

Nutrition Series video - Nutrition Tips for COVID-19 video play link

Nutrition Tips for COVID-19 
Join Diana Romano, RD, as she shares diet tips for building a strong immune system.

Health and Wellness video on Skin Cancer Awareness video play link

Skin Cancer Awareness 
Skin cancer awareness is important all year long! In this informative video, join Tina Zimmerman, RN, MSN and Carissa Miller, RN, BSN, Outreach nurses from UM Upper Chesapeake Healthlink as they share skin cancer risks, how to protect your skin, recognizing skin cancer and how to do a monthly skin self-check.

Health and Wellness video on Medication Safety video play link

Medication Safety
Are you taking your medications properly? Join Madelyn Danner, RN, MSN, an Outreach nurse from UM Upper Chesapeake HealthLink, as she shares helpful medication safety information, including knowing your medication names and their purpose, developing a routine for taking your medications and more!

Nutrition Strategies for a Healthy Heart video play link

Nutrition Strategies for a Healthy Heart 
Join Registered Dietitian Diana Romano as she shares great information on the impact your diet choices can make on your heart health. This includes an explanation of the DASH diet for hypertension and understanding the difference between “good” and “bad” fats.

Guided Meditation video play link

Guided Meditation
Join Daphne Lee, retired psychotherapist and mindful meditation instructor as she introduces you to mindfulness practice and guides you through a relaxing meditation. Learn the basics of mindfulness of breath, body, thoughts and emotions.

Nutrition for Arthritis video play link

Nutritional Guidelines for Arthritis
In this video, Registered Dietitian Diana Romano focuses on three common types of arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and gout, and provides sensible advice on the best food choices for these conditions. This video features a recipe for “golden turmeric milk”, an anti-inflammatory drink you can make at home.

Understanding the New Nutritional Food Labels video play link
Avoid Confusion at the Supermarket

Understanding the New Nutrition Labels
If you are trying to eat healthy, understanding the new nutrition labels is a must!  Join Diana Romano, Registered Dietitian as she walk you what has changed in nutrition labeling, how to properly read nutrition labels. This can help you shop faster, eat better, and if weight loss is a goal, how to do so with greater ease by making good food choices.  

Avoid Confusion at the Supermarket
It is easy to be captivated by food labels that say all natural, gluten free, or organic when looking for healthy options at the supermarket; but what do these terms really mean? Registered Dietitian, Angela Lang, explains this terminology so that you can make informed, healthy decisions while shopping.

CARBS The Misunderstood Nutrient
Nutrition for Older Adults

Carbs: The Misunderstood Nutrient
Carbohydrates are one of the most misunderstood nutrients, but also one of the most important.  Registered Dietitian, Angela Lang will help you learn more about carbohydrates, the foods that contain them, their nutritional value and which ones are the best to include in your diet.

Nutrition for Older Adults
Eating a healthy diet, getting proper hydration, keeping fit, and getting a good night's sleep all contribute to keeping our health and vitality as we get older.  Registered Dietitian, Angela Lang will help you learn about the important role nutrition plays in the overall health of older adults.

Save Money at the Supermarket
Weight loss for seniors

Saving Money at the Supermarket
Do you wonder how you can save money and still make healthy supermarket purchases in the face of ever-increasing food costs? Registered Dietitian, Angela Lang will help  you learn what meal planning is and other practical tips for helping you reach that goal.

Weight Loss for Seniors
Weight can increase for a number of reasons as we get older and losing weight can be difficult and frustrating but beneficial if done safely with overall health in mind. Registered Dietitian, Angela Lang will help you learn about the challenges older adults face while trying to lose weight as well as how you can overcome these obstacles to improve your health.

Nutrition Health Checklist

Your Nutrition Health Checklist
Are you at risk for poor nutritional health? This can happen to anyone as they get older and for reasons that may surprise you! Use this simple DETERMINE checklist to become informed about your overall nutritional health and ways to get back on track.

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