Exercise at Home

Have you ever wondered if the fitness classes offered at the Harford County senior activity centers are for you? Here is your chance to try them in the comfort of your own home. Below are a variety of videos by some of our excellent instructors. Each video is a complete class at a different ability level. This sampling of classes is just a fraction of what the centers have to offer. Simply click the image to view and try these exciting classes at home!

Cardio and Strength video link

Cardio & Strength
This low-impact workout focuses on building your strength, balance and coordination. No jumping or twisting involved.

Gentle Yoga Play Video button
Cardio Intervals video link

Cardio Intervals
Performing intervals of cardio and strength training is twice as effective as regular exercise. Improve your strength and endurance while creating a higher metabolism, which burns calories for hours after class ends.

QiGong play video link

Gentle Yoga
This class is done on a yoga mat on the floor. This class demonstrates basic yoga poses, and how to modify them. Learn about the breath, alignment and mindfulness. The goal is to gain flexibility, strength and balance at a slower pace. Meditation and relaxation techniques are also highlighted.

This class is tailored for the beginning student. Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) is an ancient Chinese health method that combines slow, graceful stationary movements with mental concentration and breathing to increase and balance a person’s vital energy.

Sit and Stretch Video Play Button

Sit & Stretch
Exercise safely from a chair with a choreographed movements focused on strength, stretching and coordination. Great for those just getting into exercising.

Yoga video play link

This class is designed for those at various levels of fitness. With attention to safe alignments, this class will help joint stability and mobility and improve posture. Various standing and seated postures will be taught, with modifications when possible.

Cardio Toning with Core play video link

Cardio Toning with Core 
This class combines cardio and core-strengthening floor work. Students are encouraged to increase range of movement and be aware of posture at all times. You may use a chair during the exercises if needed. Three- to five-pound hand weights are suggested. You will need a yoga mat or blanket for floor work. 

Gentle Yoga and Meditation video play link

Gentle Yoga & Meditation 
Students will practice gentle yoga and breathing techniques with pauses to notice feelings and connections between their mind, body, and spirit. Students will also be introduced to meditative techniques. You will need a yoga mat.

Body Conditioning Intermediate video play link

Body Conditioning Intermediate
This class provides an effective intermediate level body-conditioning workout. The focus in this class is on proper form when using hand weights and when stretching.  Strengthening segments will be followed by a stretch sequence for a more enjoyable workout. All exercises will be done on the floor.  Please have a yoga mat or blanket available. 

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga 
Think you can't do yoga? Try this! Practice yoga in a manner that is slow paced, gentle and supported. All postures will be guided either sitting in a chair or using a chair for support while standing. Please have a yoga strap or something similar available.

Chair Cardio video play link

Chair Cardio 
Chair cardio can benefit anyone looking for a safe beginning into the fitness arena, working up to more intense exercise. Chair cardio improves overall heart health using upper and lower body exercises. Exercises will be done in seated and standing positions. We will use light hand weights, and exercise bands (if available).

Tai Chi Basic video play link

Tai Chi Basics
Students will be taught the elemental principles of Tai Chi Chuan, form choreography, and breath coordination in order to realize the potential of Tai Chi Chuan exercise to improve balance, mobility, and energy levels. 

Cardio Toning video play link

Cardio Toning
This class combines low impact cardio interval and strength/toning training. All exercises are done standing; no floor work. Participants can work to an intermediate or advanced level.

CSR Core Stretch Relaxation play video link

Core, Stretch & Relaxation (CSR) 
Most people do not realize the need for core strengthening and muscle stretching as we age. This class is designed to maintain strength within the body’s core, while focusing on the elements of stretch and relaxation. You will need a yoga mat or blanket for floor work. 

Body Conditiioning Beginner video play link

Body Conditioning Beginner 
This class provides an effective beginner level body-conditioning workout. Learn proper form when using hand weights, body bars, balls, etc. Strengthening segments will be followed by a stretch sequence for a more enjoyable workout. All exercises will be done standing or in a seated position; no floor work. Use light hand weights or something comparable that you have at home (water bottles, etc.).  

Basic Stretching for Back Pain play video link

Basic Stretching for Lower Back Pain
Learn how stretching can help release muscle tension and relieve lower back pain. These stretches are done on the floor, so have a yoga mat or blanket available.

Simple Yoga Practice video play link

Simple Yoga Practice for Relaxation
This short, seven-minute restorative yoga class walks you through four yoga poses (two seated, two on the floor) that will help you relax and release stress. You can make this a longer practice by holding the poses longer. Have a yoga mat or blanket available, a small blanket to use as a bolster, and a towel or eye mask.  

Disclaimer: Please consult with your physician before engaging in any exercise program. I am aware that while participating in any physical fitness activity in my own home pursuant to any online program offered and produced by the Office on Aging, certain risks and dangers may be present. I attest to and verify that I have full knowledge of the risks involved in physical fitness activities and that I have obtained approval from my physician to participate in such activities. I do hereby release and forever discharge Harford County agents, contractors, employees, and volunteers from any and all actions, causes of actions, liability, claims or demands for or by reason of any damage, loss, or injury which may be sustained by me as a result of my participation in Harford County Office on Aging Senior Activity Centers or any programs produced or offered by the Harford County Office on Aging.