Telephone Assurance Program (TAP)

The Telephone Assurance Program was introduced to the community in September 1981. In 1997, the program went countywide and today continues to be a daily person-to-person contact to senior and handicapped individuals who live alone, or have medical programs but wish to maintain their independence.

The TAP office is inside Citizens Care & Rehabilitation Center with no charge for office space. The program is operated by volunteers, most of whom have been with the program since its inception. TAP is a free service to participants who meet the criteria. Referrals come from the Office on Aging or outreach or from individuals who learn about the program from neighbors or friends. The program operates on funds received from civic, private and individual donations.

Duties & responsibilities

Participants who sign up with the program provide the office with a medical history and an emergency contact person or neighbor who consents to being involved in the "Good Neighbor Program." Their duties are to check on the well-being of the participants when the volunteer in TAP is unable to reach them. A callback is required from the back-up person. Local and county police agencies also participate in the program as an emergency back-up in the event the participant or good neighbor cannot be reached. All information received by TAP is kept confidential. The participant also receives birthday cards from TAP volunteers.

TAP service for you

Do you live alone? Are you just home from the hospital? Are you alone while your spouse or children work? Can the person who lives with you handle an emergency? If you answer "yes" to any of the above questions, TAP can be of service to you. Remember, the program is a daily telephone contact available to you, FREE!

Additional information

For information on service or volunteer opportunities, contact the Volunteer Office at Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center 410-939-5500, ext. 243.