Harford Streams: Working to Improve Stream Health

What is Harford Streams doing to improve stream health?

Harford Streams undertakes several different types of restoration projects, such as upgrading existing stormwater management ponds, installing new stormwater management structures, and restoring degraded streams. The projects are typically identified through stream studies but can also be identified from resident recommendations. 

The team also monitors stream flow, pollutant concentrations, and the health of aquatic wildlife species at various sites throughout the county as part of the stream and watershed studies. 

Ring Factory Elementary School before (2014) 


Ring Factory Elementary School after (2018)


Many existing stormwater management ponds in Harford County have become degraded, and some older facilities do not meet the construction requirements of today's standards. Retrofitting these facilities will help treat the quantity and quality of water that is headed to our streams.

Barrington restoration project: before (2018) 


Barrington restoration project: after (2020)


Installing new stormwater management facilities will help treat quality and quantity of stormwater that did not originally require treatment. Areas that do not have sufficient stormwater treatment often have problems with increase erosion and flooding.

Bear Cabin Stream restoration before (2018) 


Bear Cabin Stream restoration after (2019) 


Stream restoration projects help reduce erosion and often slow down stream velocities. This helps prevent sediment and pollutants flowing down stream, but it also makes a better habitat for Harford County's wildlife species. 

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