Carbon monoxide detectors

Carbon monoxide detectors shall be installed in all new and existing residential occupancies in accordance with the Public Safety Article, Title 12, Subtitle 11 of the Annotated Code of Maryland.

Carbon monoxide alarms

For new construction, an approved carbon monoxide alarm shall be installed outside of each sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms in dwelling units within which fuel-fired appliances are installed and in dwelling units that have attached garages.

Where required in existing dwellings

Where work requiring a permit occurs in existing dwellings that have attached garages or in existing dwellings within which fuel-fired appliances exist, carbon monoxide alarms shall be provided in accordance with above paragraph.

Alarm requirements

Single station carbon monoxide alarms shall be listed as complying with UL2034 and shall be installed in accordance with this code and the manufacturer's installation instructions.

An electrical permit (PDF) is required for installation of carbon monoxide detectors if hard wired.