Annual Plan & Reports

The County Auditor performs several types of projects including audits, investigations, legislative fiscal analysis, and responding to research requests. Generally, our work load is based on a Risk Based Audit Plan that is prepared annually and updated throughout the year. Completed reports are available to the public to the extent that they do not violate confidentiality requirements. Please contact the County Auditor if you would like additional information.
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 FY2024 Audit Plan (PDF)  

Report NumberReport DateAudit Name
2024-A-13 (PDF)01/23/2024Audit of Harford Transit Cash Receipts
2024-A-09 (PDF)10/24/2023Exit Audits - Executive Departments
2024-A-08 (PDF)01/05/2024Audit of Parks and Rec Inventory Controls
2024-A-06 (PDF)09/21/2023Audit of Accounts Payable
2024-A-05 (PDF)08/08/2023Audit of Petty Cash - Revenue Collections
2024-A-04 (PDF)
Audit of Petty Cash - Jury Commissioner
2024-A-03 (PDF)08/08/2023Audit of Petty Cash - Emergency Preparedness
2024-A-02 (PDF)08/08/2023Audit of Petty Cash - Public Works
2024-A-01 (PDF)09/22/2023Status of Prior Audit Findings FY2023