Audit Oversight

The office of the County Auditor is bound by many sets of requirements and various groups ensure that the work performed by the office meets the needs of our stakeholders.

The County Auditor's role is defined by the County Charter, Code and the County Auditor's Rules of Procedure (pdf).  The revised Rules of Procedure were approved by the County Council on April 14, 2015. We follow internal standard operating procedures that have been developed to meet industry standards.

The County Auditor reports to the County Council.  The Audit Advisory Board is a group of citizens, elected and appointed officials who provide additional guidance to the County Auditor and assist the County Council in its oversight of the Office of the County Auditor.

The Office of the County Auditor is subject to external peer review to determine adherence to government audit standards.  We received a passing rating on our most recent peer review report (pdf)