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Church Creek Restoration questions / comment form

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1.  What is being constructed for this project?

There are two (2) parts to this project. 

1) Upgrading two (2) existing stormwater management facilities on school property including enlarging an unground infiltration trench and converting a dry detention facility to a submerged gravel wetland, and

2) Stabilizing the stream that begins on school property and flows downstream into community open space.  See the project location map. 

2.  What is meant by "limits of construction" on the project location map?

The limits of construction is the boundary where the contractor must not cross.  All construction occurs within this limit.  See the project location map.

3. Will all of the trees be removed within the "limits of construction"?

No, construction plans have identified selected trees for removal.  Trees within the limits have been evaluated.  Construction plans were developed that avoided removal of the healthiest trees.

4. Will construction be active the entire duration of the project within the entire "limits of construction"?

No, construction will occur in three (3) phases.

(1) Enlarging the unground infiltration trench along Church Creek Road while school is not in session,

(2) Converting the existing dry detention facility to a submerged gravel wetland, and

(3) Constructing the stream restoration.  The stream restoration phase will take the longest to complete.

Stream restoration construction typically begins at the upstream project limits and progresses downstream.  For this project, the upstream project limits is Route 543. 

As construction is completed, each segment is stabilized and construction equipment moves downstream.  Approximately 50 to 100 feet of stream can be restored per day. 

5. Will construction impact my private property?

No, construction will only occur within the community open spaces and school property. 

6. Will construction be loud?

Yes, at times construction will be loud.  Heavy equipment is necessary to construct the stream restoration.  Pumps will also run intermittently, but never after crews have left the site for the day.  The stream must be pumped around the areas that are actively under construction.

7. Will construction be messy?

Yes, construction within the stream will be muddy but will be stabilized as the project progresses.  At no time will the entire area have exposed soils.  

8. Who ensures the project is constructed properly?

A county inspector is on-site to oversee construction throughout the duration of the project.