Myths and Facts

Myth: No one can stop a suicide, it is inevitable.
Fact:  If people in a crisis get the help they need, they will probably never be suicidal again.

Myth: Only experts can prevent suicide.
Fact:  Suicide prevention is everyone's business, and anyone can help prevent suicide.

Myth: If a suicidal youth tells a friend, the friend will access help.
Fact:  Most young people do not tell an adult.

Myth: Suicidal people keep their plans to themselves.
Fact:  Most suicidal people communicate their intent sometime during the week preceding their attempt.

Myth: Those who talk about suicide don't do it.
Fact:  People who talk about suicide may try, or even die by suicide.

Myth: Once a person decides to complete suicide, there is nothing anyone can do to stop them.
Fact:  Suicide is the most preventable kind of death, and almost any positive action may save a life.