Why is stream health important?

Plumtree Run - tributary to Winters Run

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Clean water is vital to all living things. It is the Earth’s most valuable resource. Allowing pollution to run off the landscape and into the streams contaminates the drinking water for all living things, including people.

Unfortunately, replacement of vegetation with impervious surfaces like roads, parking lots and rooftops has a negative impact on watersheds. This increases the speed and amount of runoff flowing into surface waters and causes erosion, turbidity, and degraded wildlife habitats.

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Water exists in many different forms, including ice in glaciers, liquid in oceans, wetlands, streams, and aquifers, and gas or water vapor in the air. These different forms of water make up the water cycle. Water can transform from one form to another but it is impossible to create "new" water. This is one reason why we must take care of the water we have.