Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping

As Harford County has developed, we have constructed roads, parking lots, and driveways that disrupt the natural flow of water. When rain lands on these hard surfaces, it is not able to seep into the ground and instead becomes stormwater runoff. The runoff flows into a stormdrain and travels through a network of pipes to the nearest waterway.

An important mission of Harford Streams is to keep our waterways clean of pollutants or non-stormwater materials into the storm sewer system via overland flow, direct dumping, or illegal connections. Stormwater pollutants consist of motor oil, yard waste, transmission fluid, fertilizer and much more! 

Practice pollution prevention and good housekeeping by keeping only rain down the drain!

only-rain-down-the-drainImage credits via vienna-wv.com

Click on the links below to see handy pollution prevention techniques you can do to make sure only rain goes down the drain!