Wheel Creek Stream Study (2008)

Wheel Creek, a tributary to the Winters Run, is south of Bel Air. The watershed, or area of land that drains to the stream, is 440 acres. The headwaters is near the intersection of MD Route 24 and Wheel Road at the Festival at Bel Air Shopping Center.


The Wheel Creek Small Watershed Action Plan and supplemental appendices were completed in 2008. The final restoration selected from the plan to improve stream health was completed in 2017.

Wheel Creek SWAP coverpage

Completed projects 

  • Lower Wheel Creek stream restoration and water quality retrofits (2017)
  • County Walk 1B stormwater retrofit (2017)
  • County Walk 1A stormwater retrofit (2016)
  • Festival at Bel Air stormwater retrofit (2016)
  • Gardens of Bel Air stormwater retrofit (2013)
  • Calverts Walk stream restoration (2013)