Mulch and Compost Facility

Harford Mulch & Compost Facility
3139 Scarboro Road Street, MD 21154
Call 410.638.3417 for more information

Compost is currently unavailable.
There are no limits on mulch sales.

Mulch and compost

The yard trim we collect is processed into mulch and compost, which is available for sale at the HWDC Mulch and Compost Facility Monday-Saturday 7:00 a.m. - 2:45 p.m. See the chart below for availability.

  • The cost for both mulch and compost is $10 per cubic yard. (Most full size pickups can handle up to 3 cubic yards of mulch or 2 cubic yards of compost depending on the size of the pickup truck bed. Never load more than what is reasonable or what your vehicle is specified to carry.)
  • Harford County residents may self-load up to three 30-gallon containers/bags of mulch or compost for FREE. Please bring your own shovels of pitch forks.
  • For additional information, please call 410-638-3417 or 410-638-3418.
Compost sales are currently limited to 5 cubic yards per transaction for all customers. This limit does not apply to mulch sales.

Product Sales Availability

Type Residential Customer
Commercial Customer
Compost           No No
Mulch Yes Yes

Loading disclaimer

While our operators are skilled professionals, if you choose to have our operators load your vehicle, you assume all responsibility for any damage to your vehicle during loading or transport due to the weight of the materials, or spillage of material out of your vehicle. If you choose not to accept this responsibility, you may load materials yourself by hand.

Please note motor vehicle laws require loads to be secure. You may need to secure or cover your load upon leaving our facility. Securing or covering the load is your responsibility.

Product use disclaimer

Applying fresh mulch to planting beds or lawn can lead to plant burn. For best results, let mulch cool for 24 hours before application.