Environmental Services

Welcome to our Environmental Services Division. To view our variety of services please select a category from the menu on the left. If you would like to find out more about our yard-trim drop-off site, select residential recycling.

Compost sales are limited to 5 cubic yards per customer per day for both residential and commercial customers.

We are seeking public opinion for development of the 2025-2034 Solid Waste Managment Plan. Please help shape the direction of solid waste management in Harford County by taking a few minutes to complete the survey by January 21, 2024.


The Division of Environmental Services implements the county's environmental, solid waste management and recycling programs. Our mission is to provide quality environmental and integrated solid waste management programs for the citizens of Harford County.

Responsibilities include operating and maintaining the Harford Waste Disposal Center, the Mulch and Compost Operations, the Roadside Litter Control Program, the Used Oil & Anti-freeze Program, and monitoring closed facilities. The Division of Environmental Services is also responsible for educating and motivating the public to ensure that Harford County continues to reduce its waste stream through recycling and waste reduction efforts.