Workforce Technical Training Grant

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Business Development Associate Bonnie Barresi manages Harford County's Workforce Technical Training Grant program. For application assistance, please schedule a one-on-one appointment by clicking the button below.

The Workforce Technical Training Grant (WFTTG) program is a competitive investment grant program to assist Harford County employers to become more productive and competitive. Harford County will provide matching funds to its businesses to accelerate the delivery of technical training to existing full-time permanent employees that will contribute to expand or improve production capabilities. 

Click here to access the Workforce Technical Training Grant in the Grants Portal.

PLEASE NOTE: When filling out the application for this grant, you MUST download, save, and complete all of the files located on the Files tab prior to beginning the application process (shown in image below). They will be submitted as part of the application package.

WFTTG round 2

On the second Tuesday of each month, we will be hosting a webinar that gives an overview of the program and the new virtual application process for the Workforce Technical Training Grant. If you are interested in attending an upcoming webinar, please email Lisa Krysiak at Please specify your business name, who from the business will be attending the webinar, and the date of the webinar you or your business representative wish to attend. You will receive instructions on how to join the webinar upon registration confirmation.

For More Information:
Bonnie Barresi

Harford County Office of Community & Economic Development

410.638.3059  |