Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG)

Harford County supports Aberdeen Proving Ground as its largest employer and a major economic driver for the region. To reach APG, please call 410-278-5201. 
Aberdeen Proving Ground is now one of the most diversified military installations in the United States and the work that takes place at this 72,000 acre complex touches almost every aspect of U.S. military operations. Home to the world's leaders in research, development, testing and evaluation of material, APG military and civilian personnel have profoundly impacted the way that wars are fought.

For much of its 95 year history, APG was known as a test and evaluation facility for the Army and home to Ordnance troops. More recently, because of the Base Realignment and Closure Act of 2005 and other factors, APG evolved into a hub of research, development, test and evaluation activity for the joint services. Not only has the installation grown larger, its role among military bases changed. Considered by military leaders as a "megabase," APG serves as a premiere center for science and technology.
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