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Harford County Community Needs Survey FFY 2020-2024 (FY 2021-2025)


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  • Step One

    1. The COMMUNITY NEEDS SURVEY is part of the Consolidated Plan development and is undertaken to gauge what the Community thinks is important when allocating public grant funds under the Community Development Block Grant program and the HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME).
    2. Please check all boxes that apply
    3. The following includes specific activities within each of those categories which you are asked to rate as Very Important, Least Important or of No Importance. The Community Development Block Grant Program may allocate available funding into the five broad categories listed below; please rate those categories from one (1) to five (5). 1 being the most important need and 5 being the least important need
    4. PLEASE DO NOT DUPLICATE NUMBERS: Assign the numbers 1-5 only once for the five categories below.