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2019 Impediments to Fair Housing Survey

  2. 1. When you looked for housing in Harford County, how easy was it to find housing you could afford that met your household’s needs?
  3. 2. Are housing opportunities for lower income persons and families:
  4. 5. In these areas, is there sufficient access to employment opportunities?
  6. 1. When you looked for housing in the region, did you ever feel you were discriminated against?
  8. 2. Are transit-dependent people able to travel to places such as: health care services; employment; schools; other community amenities
  10. 1. Do you or a member of your household have a disability of any type—physical, mental, intellectual, developmental?
    (If yes, please continue with the questions in this section. If no, please skip to the next section, Fair Housing)
  11. Please rate the following on a scale of 1 – 5, 1 being strongly disagree, 3 being neutral, and 5 being strongly agree: Persons with disabilities are able to access:
  13. 1. Do you know/understand your rights under the Fair Housing Act?
  14. Thank you for taking the survey. Your feedback is important to enabling Harford County residents access to more and better fair housing choices. If you have any questions about the survey, please call 410-638-3045, or email
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