Construction Inspections

  • Manages the construction of infrastructure projects (roads, bridges, stormdrains, water lines, sewer lines and pump stations, etc)
  • Inspects the construction of projects
  • Inspects developer projects for any roads, bridges, stormdrain, water, sewer that will turned over to Harford County
  • Inspects erosion and sediment control (delegated authority from MDE to Harford County) to enforce environmental regulations
Environmental Enforcement
  • Responsible for the inspection of any construction activity within Harford County which disturbs more than 5,000 square feet in land area.
  • The purpose of these inspections is to minimize soil erosion and keep sediment from getting into streams and waterways.
  • Periodic inspections are performed to verify that the sediment control practices required as part of an Approved Erosion and Sediment Control Plan are installed per plan, and are maintained and functioning properly.
Land Development
Responsible for the inspection of privately constructed infrastructure that will be turned over to County ownership for operation and maintenance. This includes:
  • Roads
  • Storm drains
  • Water and sewer systems for residential subdivisions and certain commercial properties
Roads & Bridges
Responsible for the inspection of County, State, and Federally funded contract work on all County roadways and bridges. This includes:
  • Bridge construction
  • Bridge rehabilitation  
  • Pavement overlays
  • Pavement rehabilitation
Inspections are performed to verify that the project is constructed in accordance with the plans and Harford County standards.

Water & Sewer
Responsible for the inspection of construction of water distribution systems, sewer lines and manholes, and sewage pumping stations.