How to Nominate a Property for Designation

How to Nominate a Property1

The Harford County Historic Landmark and District Program provides local protection and support to historic sites important to the history and culture of Harford County and its people. The program is authorized by the Harford County Zoning Code, Section XIII: General Provisions for Historic Landmarks. 

For properties within the municipal boundaries of Aberdeen, Bel Air, and Havre de Grace, please click here.

What are the criteria for designation?

What is the process for designation?

  1. Nomination: A Nomination Form may be submitted by anyone, but the nomination will not be reviewed by the Harford County Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) without written consent from the owner of the property. This consent is usually given through the completion and signing of Page 4 (Property Owner Consent Form) of the Nomination. Historic Landmark Nomination - Example
  2. Notice and Public Hearing: Within 90 calendar days of receipt of the completed Nomination, the HPC will hold a public meeting to consider the designation request. Signs will be posted at the nominated property/properties to give notice of the nomination 14 days prior to the public meeting. At the public meeting, the HPC will consider the information provided in the nomination, staff report, and citizen comments. The HPC will then hold a vote to determine if it will recommend the property/properties for designation.
  3. DesignationIf the HPC recommends designation, a resolution will be drafted and submitted to the Harford County Council for consideration. At a public Legislative Session, the County Council will vote on the designation. Once the resolution is passed, the property will be added to the Harford County Historic Landmarks and Districts List, which is kept on file at the Department of Planning and Zoning. See Information for Owners of Harford County Historic Landmark and District Properties  for more information.