Handicap Accessible Parking Requirements

As of June 19, 2006 the Maryland Codes Administration has modified the requirements for accessible parking space signs. COMAR 05.02.02..07D now requires that all accessible parking spaces be identified by a sign indicating the maximum fine for illegally parking in a designated parking space. All accessible parking signs shall be in conformance with Transportation Article §25-104, Annotated Code of Maryland.

The following table is a breakdown of the fine in each of the jurisdictions within Harford County and the code section reference:
Jurisdiction Code Reference Fine Amount
Harford County §244-20 D (County) $120
City of Aberdeen §134-10 A (City) $120
Town of Bel Air §12-402 (City) Resolution 76106 $120
City of Havre de Grace §190-9 (City) $125