Only Rain Down the Drain


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As Harford County developed,  we have constructed roads, parking lots, and driveways that disrupt the natural flow of water. When rain lands on these hard surfaces, it is not able to seep into the ground and instead becomes stormwater runoff. The runoff flows into a stormdrain and travels through a network of pipes to the nearest waterway. 

As this stormwater travels to the stormdrain, it picks up many pollutants such as motor oil, yard waste, transmission fluid, fertilizer and much more! 

In order to keep our streams healthy, we need people like you to keep our stormwater clean of these dangerous pollutants... and here is how you can help!


Wash your car at a commercial car wash, or in a location where the soapy water will not run into the storm drain.


Sweep up grass clippings and other yard waste instead of washing them down the driveway or into the gutter.


Dispose of used motor oil and household hazardous waste (paint, household cleaners, etc.) properly, rather than pouring it on the driveway or into storm drains.


Report storm drain dumping. During business hours, call the Public Works Department at (410) 638-3217


Always pick up pet waste from your yard, sidewalk or park area.


Avoid excess fertilizer or pesticide use, especially before rain is predicted.