Health Benefits Program

Harford County Government Retirees are permitted to stay enrolled in the same plans as active employees until they reach the age of 65 and become Medicare eligible. You may access the health benefits and health care providers sections of this webpage for additional information regarding the plans available. Retirees must be enrolled in both Part A and Part B of Medicare in order to enroll in this plan.

Leave Payouts for Retirees

  • Annual Leave - Retirees will be paid in a lump sum for all remaining annual leave up to 59 days.
  • Sick Leave - Retirees may elect to be paid in lump sum for 1/2 of their remaining sick leave with no maximum placed on the number of hours paid out.
  • Personal Leave – Retirees will be paid in a lump sum for all remaining unused personal leave days up to 64 hours.

Life Insurance for Retirees

You will have the opportunity to elect to continue the $20,000 The Standard Basic Life Insurance policy at the time of your retirement. The cost of that policy is $120 annually.

Important Documents

  1. FY21 CareFirst Retiree GuidePDF
  2. FY21 CareFirst VisionPDF
  4. Sept 16, 2020 Retiree Meeting Q & APDF
  1. HarfordCo Retirees Membership 9-2018PDF
  2. Kaiser Permanente Retiree Benefits GuidePDF
  3. Kaiser Permanente Retiree Benefits Guide Spanish Version
  4. UnitedHealthcare-Medicare-Advantage-FAQ-10-20-2020