Public Notice for Board of Estimates Meetings


In light of current events and to be in compliance with the Open Meetings Act, we will be holding our Board of Estimates Meetings via conference call until further notice.  Any changes will be posted on this website, and conference call access information will be updated on this website prior to each meeting.

                          Board of Estimates meeting date:    January 11, 2022

                          Conference Phone Number:            1-415-655-0001

                          Meeting Access Number:                 2303 796 4109

     o The public will mute the call on their end to avoid interruptions

     o The public may not speak unless the chair asks them to

     o The chair will call the roll to establish a quorum (members only)

     o Members will need to identify themselves each time they speak

     o The members may be asked to identify anyone who is present with them during the call

Questions may be directed to the Department of Procurement by calling 410-638-3550 or by emailing