Harford Living Treasures

The goal of the Harford County Public Library’s Living Treasures Oral History Project is to preserve for future generations firsthand accounts of what life in Harford County has been like for previous generations.

A joint venture involving a number of government offices and agencies, the Living Treasures project "identifies aging people whose memories of life in Harford County remain vibrant and record these memories for posterity."

Any Harford County resident who is at least 70 years old, and has lived in the county for at least 40 years, can be nominated as a Harford Living Treasure. Nomination forms are available from any Harford County Public Library branch or the library’s website. Nominations are reviewed by the county’s Cultural Arts Board for authenticity and then sent to the Harford County Council for confirmation. The County Council confirms the nomination and presents the "Living Treasure" with a proclamation. Since the program’s inception in 1981, over 250 people have been named Living Treasures.

For more information, please visit the Harford County Public Library's Harford Living Treasures website.

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