Harford County is committed to keeping the Chesapeake Bay healthy by using Best Management Practices (BMPs), and Environmental Site Design techniques. ESDs integrate site design with the Natural Hydrology and are designed and constructed in accordance with the 2000 Maryland Stormwater Design Manual and the Maryland Dam Safety Regulations – MD 378.  
Our program requires review and approval of plans and permits for construction of stormwater facilities on individual lots, subdivisions, commercial, industrial and institutional uses. Projects may include BMPs such as infiltration trenches, infiltration and detention ponds, open channel systems, sand filters, underground storage facilities, drywells, bio-retention facilities, submerged gravel wetlands, rain gardens, stone filter diaphragms, infiltration swales and impervious area disconnects.  

Harford County requires that construction of stormwater management facilities be inspected and certified by the engineer-in-charge. In addition, Harford County personnel will conduct regular inspections during construction. Any stormwater practices designed for and located on individual lots shall be constructed and inspected prior to the issuance of a Use and Occupancy Permit. (see Standard Plan (PDF)) 

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