Stormwater Plans Review

The stormwater management program is administered by the Bureau of Stormwater Management. Stormwater management must be addressed for all new development within Harford County. This must be addressed by applying and receiving a waiver or an exemption or by receiving approval of a design plan utilizing Environmental Site Design (PDF) or a best management practice (BMP).

Exemption Categories
Categories for an exemption include:
  • Agricultural Land Management
  • Additions or Modifications to single family residence
  • Developments that disturb less than 5,000 SQ.FT (One time per parcel)
  • Land development regulated under state laws
Waiver Categories
  • Categories for a waiver include:
  • Underground utility installation
  • Infill development projects
  • Projects with direct discharge to tidal waters
For those developments that do not meet the requirements for an exemption or a waiver, stormwater management design plans must be submitted. For specific design requirements and legislation please refer to the following documents:

All submissions including exemptions, waivers, and design plans must be processed through Harford County’s Development Review Process. As part of this process, Bonding & Permits coordinates the exemption, waiver, or design plan approval, bonding requirements, and permit approval process for the Department of Public Works. Any questions about project status or time frames for approvals should be directed to that office