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The Harford County Law Department serves as the main source of legal advice and representation for the County Executive as well as all Harford County Departments and Agencies.  The Law Department provides experienced and competent legal advice to the Administration as well as the various Departments which directly benefits the citizens of Harford County.  

The Law Department, by and through its legal staff, is responsible for defending, prosecuting, and supervising all civil litigation and administrative hearings involving county employees and Departments.  It also supplies legal opinions to the County Executive and to the Directors of each County Department to include Economic Development, Procurement, Housing, Public Works, Community Services, Information and Communication Technologies, Emergency Services, Human Resources, Treasury, Governmental and Community Relations, Parks and Recreation, Planning and Zoning as well as Inspections, Licensing and Permits.  As part of its duties, the Law Department also advises the Harford County Public Library Board of Trustees, the Harford County Sheriff's Office, the Health Department and manages the Division of Risk Management.