Board of Appeals

About the board

The Board of Appeals hears rezoning cases, special exceptions, designated special development cases, appeals of decisions by the zoning administrator, expansion of nonconforming uses, and variances from requirements of the Zoning Code.

Applications to the Board of Appeals are submitted through the Department of Planning and Zoning for processing and forwarded to the hearing examiner.

The board's authority is delegated by the Harford County Council to a hearing examiner, whose decision is final unless appealed.

  1. Fees
  2. Planning & Zoning Procedure
  3. Special Exceptions
  4. Variances
  5. Zoning Reclassifications


Publication and posting fees (all applications, including amended applications, except minor area variances) are $200 in addition to the following fees:

Filing fees

  • Expansion of nonconforming use and variance: $250
  • Interpretation or appeal of a decision of the zoning administrator: $200
  • Minor variances from design requirements (less than 20% of area affected): $50
  • Variance from design requirements: $250
  • Variances from other requirements of the Zoning Code and modification of previous approvals by the Board of Appeals: $250

Special review cases

These fees are for developments or projects requiring Board approval (i.e. special exception or special development):
  • Cottage housing and day care centers: $100
  • Filing fee for residential projects: $550 per application plus $5 per dwelling unit
  • Integrated community shopping center: $600 plus $50 per acre
  • Miscellaneous special exceptions or special developments (not otherwise defined): $200
  • Publication and posting fee: $200

Zoning reclassification cases

  • Filing fee: $600 plus $10 per acre for each acre over 20 acres
  • Publication and posting fee (all applications): $200