Seasonal Actions

Create and enjoy a dynamic and beautiful garden landscape all year long with these seasonal actions!

Performing the following actions during the appropriate season will support pollinators, improve the health of our watersheds, and increase the diversity of our landscapes.


  • Leave plants intact
  • Enjoy the winter interest
  • Prune trees and shrubs
  • Sow seeds
  • Let it lie
Winter_Frosty Milkweed_PhotoByCourtneyCelley USFWS Midwest Region


  • Seek out native species
  • Develop a plan
  • Consider starting with seeds
  • Develop a clean edge
  • Educate yourself on common invasive plants
Spring_BleedingHeart_Photo by Deb Watson


  • Visit your native garden
  • Observe your plants
  • Remove invasive species
  • Note flowering periods
  • Monitor rainfall
  • Water
  • Maintain mulch
  • Solarize your lawn
Summer_ButterflyMilkweed_PhotoByCourtneyCelley USFWS


  • Assess your garden's summer performance
  • Rake and spread leaves
  • Create overwintering habitats 
  • Plant spring flowering natives
  • Divide and transplant
  • Don't cut dead stems
  • Leave leaf litter intact
Fall_Leaves on Ground_Photo by USFS Eastern Region