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1. Do you have a job hotline?
2. What does "Non-Classified" mean when used in a job posting announcement I see online?
3. How can I obtain an employment application for Harford County Government?
4. How long does it take after I turn in my employment application to hear something?
5. How old do you have to be to serve alcohol/be a bartender in Harford County?
6. How do I find answers to my issues about Family Leave Act, Child Labor Laws, Minimum Wage, Overtime?
7. How do I find information about issues with non-payment of wages or vacation pay?
8. What can I do for employment problems/issues?
9. What is Human Resources?
10. What type of benefits does Harford County offer?
11. Where is the Social Services office and what is the telephone number?
12. Where is the unemployment office?