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1. What phone numbers should I call if I have questions about trash or recycling?
2. Where does our trash go?
3. What residential material can be disposed of at the Harford Waste Disposal Center and the Tollgate Yard Trim drop-off facility?
4. What residential material is not allowed for disposal at the Harford Waste Disposal Center?
5. What are your hours of operation for the landfill, mulch and compost facility and yard trim facility?
6. What are your fees?
7. Do you accept credit cards or checks at the HWDC for payment?
8. What are the directions to drop-off facilities?
9. My trash was not picked up today. What should I do?
10. I am new to Harford County, Maryland. What companies pick up household trash and recycling?
11. Are peanut butter jars, margarine tubs, and yogurt containers recyclable?
12. Can I recycle computer/electronics in Harford County?
13. How do I dispose of latex paint?
14. Plastic motor oil containers have the designation #1 or #2 on them. Can I put these into my single stream recycling bin?
15. Where is the nearest location to drop off used motor oil and anti-freeze for recycling?
16. Where can I dispose of tires?
17. Where can I get rid of old stale gasoline?
18. What is the availability of mulch and compost?
19. How can I safely dispose of used needles and other sharp items?