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2021 Harford's Most Beautiful People Nomination Form

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  2. Deadline Friday, August 6, 2021

    Rules and Eligibility Requirements for Harford’s Most Beautiful People Award: 1.Harford’s Most Beautiful People Award is based on VOLUNTEER SERVICE ONLY. 2.Nominee must live and volunteer in Harford County. 3.Elected officials who currently hold office are not eligible for nomination. 4.Any political function, even if beneficial to the community, is not admissible for consideration of a nominee’s service. 5. Founders or members of a non-profit organization who draw a salary or are in any way compensated for all or part of their service are not eligible for nomination. 6. Individuals who have been nominated before will not be eligible for re-nomination for three (3) years. 7.Nominations must be complete and accompanied by a digital photo to be considered. Cell phone photos are acceptable.

  4. Please verify that your nominee is a Harford County resident?*
  5. Tell us about the activities and organizations where your nominee volunteers. Please answer the following questions with as much detail as possible. All questions must be answered for at least one organization/activity for your nomination to qualify. Subsequent spaces are available if your nominee volunteers for more than 1 organization/activity.
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