What is my water tested for, and how often is it tested?
Water is tested at the plant for chlorine, pH, fluoride levels, bacteria, and turbidity (water clarity). These tests are performed hourly. In addition, a variety of analyzers are used that test the water on a continuous basis to monitor raw water quality and the quality of the water at various points in the treatment process.

In addition to the tests performed at the treatment plant, 100 samples each month are analyzed from various areas of the County water distribution system and tested for bacteria, and chlorine residual. If any test is positive, a new sample is taken from the same area and re-tested. Positive findings must be reported to the Maryland Department of the Environment, and the public would be notified through the media. Harford County has never had a confirmed positive reading related to the water quality of the distribution system.

And periodic samples are taken throughout the distribution system to demonstrate compliance with the lead and copper rule and the disinfection byproducts rule.

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