Where do I get the building permit application and what information is required?

Applications and other necessary forms are available in person or from the Planning and Zoning main webpage ⇨ click on Zoning Administration Document Center.  If you have questions regarding forms and applications, please email us at Building@harfordcountymd.gov or call the office at 410-638-6442 any time for assistance.

The permit application is used for commercial permits, residential permits, and zoning certificates.  However, not all information is required for every application.  Please note, “occupancy classification” applies to commercial permits only. 

For most applications can be processed with the following information:

  1.            Address of work site;
  2.            Date;
  3.            Public Water & Sewer or Private Well and Septic (check boxes);
  4.            Height of structure;        
  5.            Construction Cost;
  6.            Applicant Information;
  7.            Property Owner Information;
  8.            Contractor; and/or
  9.            Print, sign and date the bottom.

Building Permit/Zoning Certificate Applications may be submitted electronically to Building@harfordcountymd.gov

Building/Zoning Certificate Application


  • Complete all applicable fields, including signature at the bottom of the page.
  • If you would like to list a contractor on the application, you must provide a copy of the contract signed by both parties.

Site Plan


  • This is just a sample, please provide the site plan for the referenced property.
  • Required for all new structures and additions (sheds, decks, additions, etc.).
  • Indicate size and location of existing and proposed structures.

Owner Authorization Letter


  • The Property Owner must authorize who can apply for the permit.
  • Complete the Signature blocks, along with witness and date.



  •  Fence in Easement form if fence will be encroaching easement



  • Fill in blanks front and back

Deck Guidelines


Construction Plans

  • Detailed plans for new construction, additions, and interior alterations must address entire scope of work with dimensions.

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