What are the benefits of a Harford County Historic Landmark designation?

1. The prestige of formal recognition that your property is significant in American/Harford County history, architecture, archaeology, engineering, and/or culture.

2. Eligibility for county, state and federal historic preservation tax credits and other funding opportunities such as grants.

3. Historic designation improves property values and protects the value of your investment. Real estate experts have found that historic designation of a property, especially in districts, increases the salability of a property. Buyers will pay more for historic properties that are well-maintained and have intact historic character.

4. In designated districts, it prevents your neighbors from completing any incompatible home improvements that can potentially diminish property values.

5. Designation of a historic landmark, especially in designated historic districts, can protect your property, neighborhood, village, or town from inappropriate development. It will preserve its character and maintain its identity.

6. Historic designation and historic preservation, in general, can help prevent sprawl and unwanted developed.

7. If you restored or rehabilitated your property, landmark designation will provide a level of protection on all your hard work.  It can provide assurance that future owners will preserve what you have accomplished.

8. As the owner of a historic landmark, you will be able to receive free technical assistance from the county historic preservation planner and members of the Historic Preservation Commission.

9. Owning a home that was constructed with old growth wood and other good quality building materials that are more durable than materials used today.

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1. What are the benefits of a Harford County Historic Landmark designation?
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