What are the payment calendars for Water and Sewer charges?
Customers of the county's water and sewer system may have 2 types of bills. The 1st bill is a quarterly bill for usage. This bill is generally based on the amount of water used by the property. Usage bills pay the cost of the daily operation and maintenance of the water and sewer system in the County and are increased annually by the CPI. The 2nd type of bill is for capital charges. The amount of capital charges varies from property to property depending on the time period of connection and location in the County. These charges are used to pay for the cost of construction transmission facilities, pumping stations, water booster stations, storage facilities, treatment facilities, etc.

Usage bills: The County bills each customer for water and sewage usage on a quarterly basis. Each customer has 30 days for payment. After 30 days a 5% late fee is added to the bill as required by the County Code Section 256-19(A)(4). Service may be terminated if the bill remains unpaid. If service is terminated an additional fee of $50 will be added to the bill for turn-off / turn-on.

Water and Sewer Capital Charges: Depending on where the property is located in the County, a property served by the County's water and sewer system can have 1 or more annual assessments that are due on the property. Most annual assessments are mailed July 1 to the latest property owner of record. An additional 1.5% is added to the base bill for each month or portion of a month the assessment is past due. Should the assessment remain unpaid as of the third Monday in June, the property will be sold at the annual Tax Sale of the County. To determine the amount of any assessments on a property, you may view the amount due online at Property Bill Search or call the Water and Sewer Accounting Section at 410-638-3311. They will provide you with an explanation of the charges against your property and the length of time remaining for the assessment.

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