What is an Impact Fee?

Impact Fees are one-time payments used to fund school capital improvements needed to accommodate new development. Impact Fees relate only to capital facility expenses benefiting new development and are not to be used to address existing deficiencies and/or operating expenses. Public School Impact Fees, authorized under Bill 05-21, as amended, became effective on July 1, 2005. Impact Fees were amended under Bill 09-37 which became effective December 4, 2009.  

Who pays the Impact Fee?

Anyone applying for a new residential structure for which a building permit is required, but does not include renovations, additions or modifications to an existing residential structure.

What uses can be exempted from payment of an Impact Fee?

Bill 05-21, with amendments, exempts housing for the elderly, continuing care retirement communities (CCRC), transient housing, housing constructed by not for profit organizations and redevelopment, re-construction or replacement of an existing residential structure that results in no new housing units.

How much are the Public School Impact Fees?

The Single Family detached fee is $6,000. The Townhouse / Duplex fee is $4,200. The fee for all other residential (including mobile homes) is $1,200.

When will the Impact Fee be paid?

The Impact Fee is paid at the time of building permit application. Or the applicant for the building permit may execute a promissory note obligating the applicant to pay the required development impact fee upon the earlier of the following. 1) Within 12 months of the issuance of the building permit; or 2) Issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.

Promissory Note - Individual Ownership

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