Why is there growing interest in implementing a Mechanical Inspection Program?
There have been several incidents in Harford County over the past decade that demonstrated a need for the adoption of a mechanical inspection program. The most important of which is mechanical equipment installations are just as important as the codes and programs that oversee building, electrical and plumbing installations. Over the past few years industry representatives, the State HVACR Board and our own observations have demonstrated the need for oversight regarding mechanical installations to help ensure the public health, safety and welfare. When situations arise that threaten the public good, the Department is forced to utilize alternative methods to obtain compliance which not always specifically include the licensed mechanical contractor. Inspections, License, and Permits

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1. Do pellet and wood stoves need HVACR permits?
2. For replacement of existing equipment, can the HVACR contractor make all the necessary electrical and gas connections and disconnections?
3. How can a HVACR permit be obtained for equipment that needs to be replaced on the weekend and holidays when the permit office is not open?
4. How long will the permit process take?
5. How much will HVACR permits cost?
6. How will the Department of Inspections, Licenses and Permits (DILP) regulate a mechanical inspection program?
7. How will the mechanical code be adopted?
8. What inspections will be required for mechanical permits?
9. What is the Harford County Mechanical Code?
10. What is the Mechanical Inspection Division?
11. What role does the Board of Appeals, established under the Building Code, play with mechanical installations?
12. Where can more information about mechanical codes and equipment installations be obtained?
13. Who do I call to schedule an inspection?
14. Who is in charge of the HVACR process at the County level?
15. Who will be required to obtain a mechanical registration with the County?
16. Who will provide the mechanical permit and inspection services to Harford County residents?
17. Why is there growing interest in implementing a Mechanical Inspection Program?
18. Will commercial work require a plan review?
19. Will gas and installation remain under the authority of the Plumbing Services Division?
20. Will residential work require a plan review?