What is an Enterprise Zone?
Enterprise Zones are areas designated by the State of Maryland which insure the retention and spur expansion of resident businesses, encourage the creation of well paying jobs, promote development and occupancy of vacant, underutilized land and buildings and support the county's commitments to revitalizing older industrial areas of Harford County. For more information contact the Office of Economic Development at 410-638-3059.Business Toolbox

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1. Does Harford County maintain a Procurement Vendor's list?
2. Does Harford County provide grants to organizations in the county?
3. Does my business need to be pre-qualified to do business with the County?
4. How can I find out the zoning and permitted uses on my property?
5. How can I find out what goods/services are currently being solicited by Harford County government?
6. How can I obtain procurement bid results?
7. How do I apply for Workforce Technical Training Grants?
8. How does the Fast Track Permitting process work?
9. What assistance and incentives are available to businesses locating and expanding in Harford County?
10. What is an Enterprise Zone?
11. What is the Harford County Green Business Network?
12. What is the next deadline for Workforce Technical Training Grants?
13. Where can I find information on starting a business?
14. Where can I find information on the Harford County Opportunity Fund?
15. Where can I find out if my business is in an Enterprise Zone?
16. Where can I obtain a building license?
17. Where can my Harford County organization get help writing a grant?
18. Where do I get help with my business plan and loan application?
19. Who do I contact if I want to sell property to the County or lease County-owned property?
20. Who should I contact if I have questions about County right-of-ways or County owned property?
21. Can I operate a business out of my home and do I need a permit?