Where can I pay my taxes?

The county provides several ways for you to make payment.

Electronic payments: As part of our commitment to provide citizens with efficient, convenient services, Harford County has partnered with Official Payment Corporation, a third-party payment provider to offer electronic payments over the Internet or by telephone. The third-party provider will assess a convenience fee each time you use its service to make tax and assessment payments by credit/debit card. Harford County accepts Visa®, MasterCard®, and Discover® credit cards and electronic checks. 

By mail: Enclosed with each tax bill is a return envelope for mailing your payment. The address on the envelope is our mail payment processing address located in Baltimore.

In person: You may wish to make payment in person by visiting our office at 220 S. Main Street in Bel Air on the first floor. The entrance is on the Main Street side of the building. Convenient parking is available on the side and back of the building. Office hours are Monday through Friday, except county holidays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

After office hours: A "drop-box" for payment deposits is also located at 220 S. Main Street in Bel Air, at the rear of the building, if our office hours are not convenient. Payments will be processed the next business day.

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