I need to process a deed, what fees are involved?

Please contact the Bureau of Revenue Collections at 410-638-3269, Option 5. A lien certificate is required for the processing of any type of transfer of property in the county. There is a $50 fee for this document. Lien sheets applications can be found on the Certificate of Tax Lien page.

Other fees include:

Payment of outstanding taxes (real, personal, and/or water and sewer assessments)

Water and sewer usage billings


Repayment of circuit breaker credits

Agricultural transfer Tax

County transfer tax

Please contact the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Harford County at 410-638-3474 to determine recording fees that they will require be paid at time of recording.

Please contact the State Department of Assessments and Taxation at 410-836-4800 to determine if the property is used for agricultural purposes and could possibly require the repayment of agricultural taxes.

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1. I need to process a deed of transfer for a property in the county. What do I do?
2. I need to process a deed, what fees are involved?