Does my business need to be prequalified to do business with the county?

For construction projects only, the county requires companies be prequalified in order to ensure that a company has the experience and skill necessary to perform each construction project valued at $100,000 or more. A Prequalification Application can be downloaded from the county’s website. The application is completed detailing a company’s qualifications and examples of the type of work performed as it relates to the various type of prequalification categories. The application is submitted to the Procurement Office where it is reviewed and evaluated.

A Certificate of Prequalification is issued based on the company’s qualifications and work history. If approved, a Certificate is issued for a two-year period only. All prequalified companies must resubmit their application prior to the expiration of their current Prequalification Certificate in order to continue to be prequalified to do business with Harford County.

Prequalification Application (PDF)

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1. Does my business need to be prequalified to do business with the county?
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