Prayer for Jury Trial

By entering a prayer for jury trial (PJT), the defendant removes the case from the jurisdiction of the District Court and the case is transferred to the Circuit Court, which is located at:
20 West Courtland Street
Bel Air, Maryland 21014.

The District Court prosecutor has no control over the defendant's choice of method of trial and the defendant need not give the prosecutor advance notice of his or her intention to exercise this right.

If you are the victim in this case, the Circuit Court Victim/Witness Coordinator will inform you by letter of the schedule for this case in the Circuit Court. If you have already provided documentation for any losses you have incurred to the District Court Division, that information will be forwarded with the file to the Circuit Court Division. If any further information is required, the Circuit Court Victim/Witness Coordinator will contact you.

In the Circuit Court, a prosecutor will be assigned who will attempt to negotiate a guilty plea with the defendant at a pre-trial conference. If you wish to have input in that process and/or make a victim impact statement, you should attend the pre-trial conference. If plea negotiations are unsuccessful, the case will go to trial on a different date.

Additional Information

For further questions, please see Victim/Witness Assistance Unit, or call at 410-638-3243 or 410-879-3204.