Summer Adventure 2021

This summer we explored the natural beauty of Harford County streams! Participation in the sixth annual Harford Streams Summer Adventure rose to more than 600 citizens and 100 dogs this year, raising awareness and support for protecting Harford County’s natural waterways. 


This year, 402 adventurers qualified for a free T-shirt and 42 furry friends qualified for a bandana by visiting at least 7 Harford stream locations.

* Those who visited at least 11 locations qualified for a drawing to win a pontoon boat trip for 15 people in and around the Bush River and Otter Point Creek. The boat trip was donated by the Anita C. Leight Estuary Center. The winner of the Pontoon Boat Trip drawing was the Childs family of Bel Air! 

** The grand prize drawing was a canoe trip for 16 people at Eden Mill Nature Center for participants who visited at least 15 locations. The winner of the Grand Prize drawing for the Canoe Trip was Sabra Kurth and Dave McNeely of Harve de Grace!